I’ve always used my hands as an emotional and creative outlet. Throughout my adolescence drawing, painting, doing make-up, clothing design and whatever else I could create became my passion in life. Art allowed me to find peace and freedom within myself. 

 After moving away from home, my love for art and creating stayed with me. I’ve always turned to it when things need to be worked out, internally. This has always been, my personal way, of processing.


I produced art from my pain, from my soul, from the truth of me who was always humble and quiet, from the depths of my heart as a black woman, unseen, in this journey called life! 


Paint, paint, paint and paint is all I did in my free time as the years passed and the healing took on a journey of its own. As I painted, I learned myself, I loved myself, I saw the world in a new way, as a place for me to show up, as I am, regardless of who doesn’t approve. My message - I am here!  


The art I continue to create now is not only for me but for everyone! I see that we all have a similar experience as humans, growth through pain. If my art helps others to heal, then I will not stop, nor keep hidden this energy that flows through me. 

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